Didn't you simply enjoy all the luvvies thundering in about how good Rudd was at Labor's launch final Sunday Definitely? hit the mark, spoke to Labor values, dealt with pressing problems, pity he hadn't delivered it earlier.

After reading even though his speech, I believed:definitely?

Where have been his visions from the previous days - the Northern Territory tax break, the very fast train, the shifting of Garden Island None of this stuff rated a mention.

In their place, we had been offerred a sop to TAFE, a highly unionised bastion of inefficiency and dubious practices.

But hang on, what happened to the COAG agreement to reform vocational education and education plus the requirement to introduce competition in between providers Giving assured funding for the TAFE sector is absolutely at odds with that agreement.

So what do we know about TAFE?

If we look at the Victorian experiment, the state Labor government was initially to embrace the competitive model pushed by the federal Labor government. Certain individuals were provided an entitlement to access vocational instruction, be it at TAFE or via a private provider.

Initially, both TAFE along with the private providers did extremely well out of this new arrangement but state government spending on instruction went through the roof (from $900 million to $1200 million per year in two years or so). This was unsustainable. swiss hublot replica The TAFE sector also received lump sum grants to cope with their overheads and so forth.

There were some query marks more than both the regions in the courses becoming undertaken - private training/aromatherapy and so forth plus the high quality on the training. These query marks have been raised mainly in relation for the private providers.

When the Liberals had been elected to office in Victoria, not surprisingly, an try was created to pin back the spending on instruction, although trade coaching was spared to a degree. The lump sum funding towards the TAFE program was removed.

At precisely the same time, the state-wide technique replica patek philippe of enterprise bargaining that had applied to TAFE as a complete was abandoned and TAFE colleges were offered the freedom to attain enterprise agreements with their very own staff.

The TAFE colleges happen to be whingeing ever because - their biggest beef is almost certainly the loss of untied block funding a lange sohne 1815 . omega copy watches (There are some weird aspects thrown up by dint of some of the universities getting TAFE sections - the university parts are significantly far more generously funded than the TAFE components.)

The reality is that TAFE, with its substantial geographic campuses hublot replica swiss , higher overheads and permanent staff, was usually going to find it difficult to compete with nimble private providers, which can specialise in certain regions with really low overheads to boot. And now each of the marginal students, which would otherwise have gone to TAFE, are heading for university.

Notwithstanding, the Ruddsters' new discovered like for TAFE (a Labor federal government will even take over the TAFE technique in the event the state governments do not keep their funding of TAFE - have we heard this sort of factor before ), you will discover genuine challenges for TAFE that will need to be confronted. I would not be waiting for the Rudd Rescue.

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